Database Solutions for the Third Sector

  • Do you need to increase fundraising for your charity and need a tool to track donations?
  • Do you want to improve communications with your contacts, donors or members?
  • Do you organise events and need a tool that helps with the registrations process as well as keeps a record of attendance for all your contacts?
  • Do you want to customise the database according to your specific needs but don’t have a large budget?

Improving how you handle information

For charities and voluntary organisations, there are increasing pressures to deliver more within ever decreasing budgets. Choosing to implement a database to streamline services can be very good decision.

CiviCRM is open source software, which means you can have a low-cost implementation and set-up. Ongoing costs can be as little as the web hosting costs, and there is a large, active community of developers and users that offer useful resources for no cost. The software itself is run as a not-for profit organisation so provides an ethical option, designed for the third sector.


CiviCRM has many great features to support organisations:

  • Contact Management
  • Record Payments and Donations
  • Mailing
  • Membership Management
  • Event Management
  • Case Management
  • Reporting Tool
  • Accounting Integration
  • Record Grants
  • Highly Customisable
  • Hundreds of Extensions Available


Funding Possibilities

I’ve been looking this afternoon to see what funding opportunities are available for organisations who are interesting in implementing a new CRM database. The most relevant one is the Paul Hamlyn Foundation – Youth Fund, which is offering grants up to £60k to enable organisations who support young people to improve their reach. It covers …

UK CiviCRM Users! Join us for CiviCamp Manchester 2017

You are invited to the first CiviCamp in the UK, brought to you in Manchester, the “uncrowned capital of the north”! Firstly, for those not familiar with the term, what is a CiviCamp? It’s a bit like a CiviCon, the annual conference for CiviCRM, where people gather for workshops and networking, to get a better …