Ruza’s Story

Ruza Solutions was set up by Rose after working with an organisation in Bradford for a few years, enabling them to explore CiviCRM within their organisation, supporting staff and extending its capabilities. After realising that there were more organisations in the area that also needed access to this kind of expertise, Ruza was born.

Five years on, Ruza continues to enable and encourage non-profit organisations to get the best out of their systems and their information but now works locally, nationally and internationally.

Why Ruza?

As a small organisation with low overheads, Ruza does not charge high fees. You still benefit from access to CiviCRM expertise, and if you’re looking for a more personal service, Ruza could be a good fit for your needs.

Highly Skilled

With experience with more than 30 different clients and their needs, Ruza is able to bring that experience and knowledge of CiviCRM to your project.

Helpful and Approachable

We always aim to be as helpful as possible, understanding the client’s needs and current position, so that you never feel out of your depth.

Good links to the CiviCRM Community

Rose co-organises the UK CiviCamps each year and regularly supports CiviCRM residential sprints and European CiviCamps.