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Affordable and Transparent Costs

CiviCRM is ‘open-source’ software. This means that the software itself comes free and you can focus your budget on paying for an expert to support you in successfully implementing the CRM database in your organisation. Ruza Solutions recommends CiviHosting for the web hosting, as they are very reasonably priced (starting at $180/year) and you have CiviCRM experts managing your servers alongside Ruza.

There are no additional costs for any of the following:

  • No cost per number of users
  • No cost per number of contacts
  • No mandatory monthly fees

For Ruza Solutions, the quote given at the start of the project, based on your requirements and in discussion with you, is a fixed fee. This will only change if you decide you want to add additional requirements into the project.

  • This fixed fee will include:
  • Initial meetings to discuss requirements with relevant staff
  • Installation, configuration and implementation of CiviCRM for your organisation
  • Importing existing data sources, e.g. from an existing database or spreadsheets.
  • Training for all users, including a second training session to pick up any queries for users once you’ve started to use the database
  • Follow-up support to iron out anything that arises in the first few weeks after the go-live date

Once the site is fully up and running, you can choose either of the two options:

  1. A Service Contract with monthly or quarterly payments. This makes it easier to budget and reassures staff that they can raise queries and ask for support without worrying about the financial implications
  2. Pay-as-you-need. This means you only pay for the support that you use, and can be very helpful for small organisations who are not expecting to need a lot of support.

For both options, Ruza will continue to install security updates and ensure your site will stay up-to-date, with an annual hosting invoice that will typically include a £50 fee for the annual updates throughout the year.