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CiviCRM is highly customisable, with built-in components to cover many of the core features across non-profit organisations and hundreds of extensions that extend the functionality.  

CiviCRM is a perfect fit for charity and non-profit organisations. This database has been around since 2005 and has been used by a very wide variety of organisations.

The vision of the CiviCRM project is…

That all organizations – regardless of their size, budget, or focus – have access to an amazing CRM to engage their contacts and achieve their missions; that they own their data and their code; and that they can modify and extend their CRM without restriction.

This means that the software implemented by Ruza Solutions is both cost effective and comprehensive!

The main features support:

• Contact Data
• Customisable fields, labels and lists
• Reports, including the powerful, new ‘Search Kit’
• Membership processing
• Payments (Donations, Event Payments)
• Events booking
• Case Management
• Activity Tracking
• Emails – one-to-one and bulk emails
• Customisable dashboards for each user

In addition, there is a large bank of extensions that can extend CiviCRM.

Some of the most common are:

• ‘Mosaico’ drag-and-drop interface for responsive layout email lists
• Stripe, PayPal and other payment processor integrations
• Grants Management
• Webforms, e.g. referral forms or volunteer application forms
• Alternative ‘themes’ for the look and feel
• Contact Layout Editor to customise the Contact Records, and include reports or linked data on the summary screen
• This list is (almost!) endless. You can see many more on the official extensions page: